Colostrum Gold Kit

Colostrum “Liquid Gold” - Your Baby’s First Meal

After delivering your little bundle of joy, your breast first releases colostrum a rich, sticky, clear or yellow (gold coloured) substance – which has earned the reputation of “liquid gold” a precursor to your breastmilk. This protein packed fluid is truly invaluable for your baby’s nutritional needs.

What Is Colostrum?

Colostrum is different from breast milk and has a unique composition of ingredients literally bursting with benefits for your newborn.  Colostrum is a pre-milk that a woman’s body produces during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth, which is often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’ due to the fact that colostrum, is often gold tinted and clearer than milk.  It’s a thick, creamy and yellowish liquid, is naturally produced (hormonally driven) by most pregnant women starting in mid pregnancy (12-18 weeks) and then continually produced for the first few days (0-5) after the baby is born.

Colostrum is often overlooked, but remains a vital substance for your baby.  While colostrum can be produced by women during their pregnancies, it is not until after the delivery of the placenta that hormonal shifts in your body encourage lactation and release of colostrum, which allows babies to begin feeding immediately after birth.  As your baby’s first food, it provides the nutrients and nourishment your baby needs.  Better yet, this potent vitamin filled fluid is tailored to your baby uniquely.

Eventually, after 30 – 40 hrs after childbirth, the progesterone levels drop and the levels of prolactin go up, which in turn makes makes the body change the colostrum into breastmilk – a more thin and watery liquid.

Why Is Colostrum So Important For Your Baby?

Colostrum is considered your baby’s first immunisation because it contains large quantities of an antibody called secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA).  It helps a newborn’s immune system transition from the safety and protection of the womb.  Colostrum is a complex compound mainly made of protein, sugar, fats, and immune factors.  It is packed full of goodies such as antibodies, leukocytes (protective white cells), vitamins A & K, proteins (3 times more than breast milk!) and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.  It is also rich in minerals and low in carbohydrates.  It plays a huge role in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, essentially coating it to prevent foreign substances from penetrating.

Colostrum is particularly important for preterm babies, who have been shown to have significantly better health outcomes when they receive their mother’s colostrum.

Benefits Of Colostrum

  • Immunisation: Powerful immune boosting properties- contains antibodies and provides protection against environmental germs & internal inflammation
  • Antibodies: that protect the baby’s mucus membranes (which are more likely to be under attack)
  • Gut health: colostrum’s easy to digest and helps line the gut with a protective layer that safeguards against future infections and diseases, whilst at the same time encouraging the growth of good bacteria.
  • Body Regulation: Colostrum helps your baby adjust to life outside the womb by regulating body temperature, blood sugar, metabolism and lung and vascular functions.
  • Nutrient Rich Norishment: colostrum is packed full of proteins, antioxidants, and other key nutrients
  • Natural Laxative: Colostrum helps rid your baby’s system of meconium, the black poo built up in the womb, which helps reduce jaundice

Product Features

What's In The Colostrum Kit?

Kit Contains
  • x1 Information Leaflet
  • x2 Bonding Patches
  • x10 1ml Syringes OR x10 3ml Syringes
  • x10 Syringe Caps
  • x10 Identification Stickers

Colostrum Gold Kit Support

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Product Codes

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Colostrum Gold Kit

Kit for the collection and administration of Colostrum available with 1ml or 3ml syringes.

Product CodeSizeProduct DescriptionPack SizeNHS Code
CGK-11mlColostrum Gold Kit with 1ml Syringe10 pcs. / BoxFTA366
CGK-33mlColostrum Gold Kit with 3ml Syringe10 pcs. / BoxFTA367

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