Customer Experiences

Enteral-saf syringes

Charlie Crabtree
Nutrition Specialist Nurse Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

“Our Trust has used Enteral-saf syringes and pH indicator paper for some time and are very happy with both products and service received from Enteral UK. As a nurse specialist who prioritises patient safety, I was keen to introduce nasal bridles for appropriate patients, Nutricare feeding tubes with insertion safety pack; and MONARCH tubes for patients in whom balloon retained devices are not suitable.

Initially there was some resistance to bridles within the Trust. Nicola was really helpful in providing support literature, training; and putting me in touch with other Trusts who had successfully implemented nasal bridles. She has continued to offer lots of training and support following our implementation.

Nicola was particularly helpful during our product trial and conversion, always very responsive to our requests. The products we use are comfortable for patients, easy to manage for carers and health professionals. The service and product information is very good, not to mention the significant cost savings for the Trust. Many thanks!”


Mr. Dakshesh Parikh
Paediatric Surgeon Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Recently we selected children with significant excoriation and leakage and did a small trial of changing them to a Mini-Button. From the data collected, it was found that 9 out of 10 patients preferred the GBUK Enteral Mini Button to their original button and the problems they had previously experienced reduced significantly, and in some cases went from Severe to no problems at all.

Two other Children’s hospital (Oxford and Nottingham) that have completely switched to Mini-Button from Mic-Key buttons have also indicated to me their approval of Mini-Button. Their results suggest better patient comfort, less excoriation and leakage with Mini-Buttons. These are consistent with our results of a small trial and our impressions of those children having had Mini-Buttons in Birmingham.”

Leanie Huxham
Dietitian for Children with Special Needs Enfield Community Services

“I wanted to thank you for your support with this patient who had continuous leaking from her gastrostomy button site. I really appreciate your help in this matter and the parent and I found it extremely helpful that you joined me on the home visit to discuss the problems they’ve had.

As you may recall, this patient was previously on a Mic-Key button. Due to on-going problems with leaking from the gastrostomy site, we changed her to a Mini Button. The situation immediately improved. However, the next problem we incurred was that the patient (due to involuntary movements associated with her condition) pulled on the extension set and disconnected it while the feed was running. You then suggested that there is a double locking extension set available from Enteral UK. I ordered this for the patient and her mother was very grateful, as the patient was no longer able to disconnect the extension set while the feed was running. The new design of the Mini Button has also made toleration better for this patient and I would therefore definitely recommend this to any of my other patients.

Dealing with Enteral UK so far has been a pleasure and I found your home delivery team extremely friendly and helpful with ordering products for patients.”

Louise Crowdy

“My 7 year old son whilst reliant on the Mini Button for his night time feed, is a very physically active and typically boisterous little boy.

His previous gastro button burst on several occasions whilst he was partaking in normal everyday life activities and this has not occurred with the Mini Button since it was fitted approximately 4 months ago. The Mini Button seems to fit against his stomach well, and is more flexible and more comfortable for him. We have recently been on a fortnights holiday where my son spent the majority of the time in the swimming pool, climbing on inflatables and surf boards etc. We experienced no problems whatsoever with this new button.

The Mini Button has given me peace of mind and confidence, and that has enabled me to relax (a precious commodity) whilst also allowing my son to fully partake in everything that he wishes to without fear of a resulting hospital visit. I would highly recommend it to other service users.”

Janis Maginnis
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Paediatric Gastroenterology University Hospitals, North Staffordshire NHS Trust

“I write to acknowledge and congratulate you on your range of enteral feeding devices especially the Mini Compact Button and Mini Capsule Button.

I have been in post as the children’s gastro nurse specialist for the past 10 years.  During this time I have used quite a few of the many different gastrostomy buttons and PEG tubes available (some better than others).  Ultimately I want the best comfort and quality device available for my patient which is also aesthetically pleasing to them. From experience and from a professional capacity I have been very selective about which products I recommend and insert into my patients. Until recently there have been few quality gastrostomy button devices available. For the past several months my patients have had the additional option of choosing the GBUK Mini Compact Balloon Button as opposed to “others” and I am very pleased to report that clinical findings and patient feedback regarding your product has been excellent!

According to feedback from individual patients, mothers and carers the overall design and features of the Mini Balloon make it a comfortable and practical device.  Another advantage that is slightly different to other types is the fact that it appears to be less rigid and therefore in certain patients with additional anatomical problems there appears to be less pressure on the skin resulting in what appears to be fewer problems with irritation and granulomas at the stoma site. Especially for those children that have excess skin folds as the lower profile design allows it to sit more comfortably within the skin creases. Consequently there have been fewer reported problems with leakage at the stoma site. The local paediatric community nursing team here at North Staffordshire has also verified this.

Overall I am very impressed with the service and the uniqueness and quality of your Mini Button products.  Consequently their availability has helped to improve the provision of care to meet health and wellbeing needs of some of my more challenging patients.”

Avril Smith
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Gastrostomy Care Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow

“I have been involved with Enteral UK for many years now and have always been more than satisfied with the great service I have received.  We have many children who use mini gastrostomy buttons and most recently GJ tubes.  The service I have received from Conny and Sam has always been efficient and I feel would go out of their way to deliver a fantastic service.  My phone calls and emails are always answered and help received whether it is for information, teaching leaflets or advice in a professional manner.

I look forward to being able to continue using Enteral UK in the future.”

Louise Hirons
Paediatric Nutrition Support Snr Heart of England NHS Trust

“Just wanted to let you know how successful the change over from Mic-Key buttons to Mini Buttons has been. Heart of England has changed over all of our adult patients and a large number of our paediatric patients to the Mini Button.

I have changed many children at the request of the parents and some of the older children. All of the parents/children have preferred the look of your button due to the size and soft flexible feel. I have had many comments back from some of the older children that say the button is much better due to its size. Teenagers are very fashion conscious and have found due to the small size the button is less visible through their clothes. One of the teenagers commented that they found it better for PE as the tube bends with them and isn’t so uncomfortable when bending and she also felt it would be better for her holiday as it wouldn’t show through her swimming costume as much as the Mic-Key.

We are pleased with the range of Mini Button sizes and often use the introducers with the adult patients with the longer tracts, however I haven’t found the introducers necessary with the paediatric patients. We haven’t had any problems with ordering them via Homeward or via our IPROC system/direct.”

Grant Mallon
Paediatric Gastric Nutrition Nurse Specialist Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

“We love the Mini Button mainly because it is very easy to use, insert and manage. The Mini Button balloon also offers a very nice rounded shape that seals the feeding stoma tract perfectly and maintains a good round shaped tract as opposed to oval-shaped tracts as with Mic-Key buttons. That is one of the main reasons we go for the Mini. As a result of the balloon shape, there is less leaking from the tract, causing no skin irritation or damaged feeding stoma tracts to the children. The Mini-Button supports better skin integrity as a result.”

Samantha Jory
Team Leader Children’s Hospital 2 Home Team West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

“We currently use the Mini Buttons and extension sets for the majority of our children on our current caseload, and have found that they generally prefer this device to other similar products due to its lower profile and the soft silicone material. We also find that fewer patients complain of leakage from their gastrostomy site and there are fewer cases of over granulation.”

Rachel Yeates
Team Leader, Children’s Community Nursing Heart of England Foundation Trust – Solihull Community Services

“The Solihull Children’s Community Nursing Team have been using Enteral UK gastrostomy products for approximately 2 years now. We regularly use Mini Button devices for the children we care for and receive positive feedback from staff and families. In particular we find them a soft and comfortable fit with very few incidences of them being pulled out intentionally or by mistake and we have minimal issues with leakage. Having access to an introducer has proved very useful when inserting longer length buttons and this has reduced patient discomfort at insertion – we tend to use introducers regularly on patients with devices longer than 1.5cm.

Most recently we have introduced a MONARCH gastrostomy tube to a patient with specific needs. This was reasonably easy to insert and although caused some initial irritation of the stoma, has generally settled very well. Patient and family feedback is very positive in terms of its comfort, it being easy to use and it feeling lightweight and not pulling on the stoma area.”

May Shaw
Advanced Nutrition Nurse Victoria Hospital, Fife

“The main Enteral UK products we use are the enteral syringes (all sizes), pH indicator strips and more recently a MONARCH gastrostomy tube.

When we changed and started using Enteral pH indicator strips the company representative provided training in every inpatient area within the acute sector then worked her way to outlying hospitals and GP practices.  A list of all trained was then provided.

More recently we required information on the MONARCH gastrostomy tube. As this was a new product for us not only did we receive the information but also an email from a consultant who uses this tube regularly with helpful information on insertion. The representative phoned post procedure to ensure all went well.

I have always found the company representatives extremely helpful, products always arrive on time and the representative always keeps in touch to ensure we have no issues with any of the products.”

Ali Wright
Gastrostomy Nurse Specialist, Ward D35, Children’s Services Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Nottingham Children’s Hospital changed over to Enteral UK Gastrostomy buttons at the end of 2009.

Nottingham University Trust complies with NPSA bulletins and wanted compliance with enteral feeding devices to reduce the risk of wrong route errors (NPSA BULLETIN 19).

Our previous supplier continued to supply a non-compliant extension set within their Gastrostomy button box; which was difficult to manage as it was contained within sealed packaging.”

Nasogastric Feeding

Tracy Earley RGN, RSCN, BSc, MSc
Consultant Nurse Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I have used the Nasal Bridle product since 2007, and can wholeheartedly support its usage as an essential part of our tool-kit to achieve artificial feeding at LTHT.  Prior to its introduction, patients were either fed more intermittently with NGTs, were referred for early PEG, with the potential for increased risk of complications, or had their NGT sutured to maintain it.

We have a vast experience in placing Nasal Bridles in a variety of patient groups including:

  • Stroke population
  • Pre-op
  • Post-op supplementary feeding
  • Neurological patients

Since its introduction we have been able to demonstrate through formal audit, a significant reduction in our PEG mortality from over 25% to >6% (Donaldson E, Earley T and Shields P 2008).  This is due to being able to secure a NGT successfully to improve nutrition and facilitate access for medications in order to treat co-morbidities.  In 2008, (Earley T 2008), we also demonstrated that over a third of patients whom we placed NGT with Nasal Bridles avoided the need for PEG placement and managed to achieve oral nutrition after a period of time with only NGT and Bridle.”

Philippa MacElhinney
Nutritional Nurse Specialist Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust

“We standardised our nasogastric tube products to enhance patient safety within our Trust following a successful trial of the NG tubes and pH indicator paper.

The products are easy to use, have clear safety features & have excellent supporting documentation following insertion.

We have received excellent support from Enteral UK when launching the products with education and continued on-going support for all ward areas in our Trust”.