Enhancements to Enteral-SAF and Enteral-SAF Home design

As part of our continuing programme of product developments based on feedback from
customers we are pleased to inform you of changes that have been made to our Enteral-
SAF (single use) and Enteral-SAF Home (single patient use) syringes.

Since launch several customers have fed back that their preference would be for smaller
graduation scales than we originally provided with a very clear indication of the 0.5ml point
on our 5-20ml syringes. In addition we also received requests for 1ml graduations on our
60ml syringes.

We are pleased to have been able to accommodate these changes that will assist
customers who require this level of dose accuracy while not affecting other customers
adversely. Please see below examples of the change;

Original 10ml New 10ml Original 60ml New 60ml
Original 10ml New 10ml Original 60ml New 60ml

* Diagrams not to scale

These new syringe designs are now working through our supply chains so you should see
the change in clinical areas very soon.
We hope that you view these changes positively. If you have any queries please either
contact your local Enteral UK, Enteral Specialist Representative or email info@gbukenteral.com