Capsule Monarch® Non-Balloon G Tube

Unlike other G-Tubes Capsule Monarch is not held in place by a balloon but uses an internal retention disc that is deployed when the Capsule Monarch® has been inserted into the stomach. Single ENFit ISO (80369-3) connector 12Fr & 14Fr. Y-Port Double ENFit connector 20Fr.

  • Capsule Monarch® will deliver nutrition and medication, and allow for decompression of the stomach.
  • No Balloon to fail: fewer changes thereby reducing the trauma of change.
  • Non-Balloon: Means no regular water checks or changes.
  • Small Internal Bolster: just as secure, yet less likely to obstruct the pylorus
  • Ideal for patients who are unable to tolerate balloon buttons.
  • Increased durability and retention.
  • Traction removable.

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