AMT NG Bridle and Medicina NG Tubes

We have recently received reports from users of the AMT NG Bridle that when our product is used in conjunction with Medicina Long Term NG tubes, specifically more recently manufactured 8Fr and 10Fr sizes, that the Bridle clip no longer holds the Medicina tube in place firmly.

I would like to reassure you that if this occurs during use of the AMT NG Bridle this is not due to changes to the specification of the AMT NG Bridle but is due to apparent changes in the outer diameter of the Medicina tube.

We have carried out testing and this insecure hold only occurs in more recently manufactured Medicina NG Tubes.  There is no issue with our own NG Tubes or any other manufacturers. In addition when fitted through a Fr Gauge  scale our own and other manufacturers NG Tubes fit snugly, however the Medicina Tubes are much looser.  The only variable therefore seems to be the specification of the Medicina NG Tubes

This information is following closely from several reports of issues with the connector of the Short Term Medicina NG tube failing to connect correctly with enteral syringes including Medicina’s own and therefore suggests that both of these issues may be due to a change in design, specification or manufacturing.

We suggest that for patients who have been assessed as requiring an AMT NG Bridle in order to recover from their condition successfully that NG Tubes other than Medicina’s are used.  We will continue to monitor this situation and advise if this is resolved.