GBUK Enteral Ltd leads international push for new enteral ISO standard

GBUK Enteral Ltd, part of the GBUK Group, recently joined with other leading international companies as part of the Global Enteral Device Suppliers Association ( to discuss the introduction of the new ISO standard planned for enteral connectors.

The delegates at the meeting, which was held in Breslau, Poland, discussed new initiatives to support the introduction of the new connector standard planned for introduction in 2015-16.

The new connector enteral connector, ISO 80369-3, is part of a range of new small bore connectors being introduced to ensure that misconnections between different types of medical small bore tubing cannot be made, therefore enhancing patient safety.

GBUK Enteral Ltd has been working towards the smooth introduction of the new standard across the world for over three years and together with industry partners is working to ensure that end users are fully aware of the changes before they are introduced.

Marcus Ineson, Group Marketing Director of GBUK said: “It is vital that when a change of this sort takes place that everyone – industry, healthcare providers and end users – are all informed and involved in the planning for the changeover”

“We have been working with the NHS across the UK, healthcare professional and patient organisations to ensure this happens.”

GBUK Enteral Ltd will be introducing its full current range of products plus some newly developed ones that comply with the new standard throughout Europe and the USA during 2015-16.

Mark Thompson, Managing Director of the GBUK, Group said: “The new ISO standard is a huge opportunity for us as it opens up the global market to our full product range.

“We have experienced phenomenal growth over the last three years in the UK and will now continue this by expanding into new markets.”