GBUK Healthcare launches Urimeter 500 plus

GBUK Healthcare, part of the GBUK Group, has launched a new urine meter designed to provide the most accurate, safe and user-friendly device on the market – the Urimeter 500 plus.

The Urimeter 500 plus has been developed in response to the vital need for advanced urine meters which both protect healthcare professionals and improve clinical data provision for the treatment of patients.

Measurement of hourly urine volume, particularly in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), has implications far beyond determining the urine output; it provides critical information on patient’s hemodynamic status and clinical progress. It is a simple practical means that complements the ICU critical patient monitoring compendium.

The Urimeter 500 plus Urine Meter has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with clinicians within the NHS, to ensure high quality treatment for patients and ease of use for healthcare professionals.

The Urimeter 500 plus is now available in the hospital sector for consistent and accurate measuring of urine output.

In addition to significantly improving patient safety, the Urimeter 500 plus is easy to use, along with extra functionality such as improved hanging features, one touch fast flow tap, and contamination prevention through a safe needle-free port.

Mark Thompson said: “Urine meters provide a criticial role in the monitoring a patient’s progress – particularly those in a critical condition and often the elderly.

“We sought feedback from clinicians to develop the Urimeter 500 plus to ensure we had a product which was fit for purpose – and we’re delighted with the outcome.

“It has a number of benefits which have been incorporated directly from that feedback we received and we believe we now have a product which is appropriate for clinician and patient and sets a new standard for urine meters.”

The Urimeter 500 plus also benefits from its compactness for minimal floor contamination, its straightforward and accurate measurements from large chamber digits, reduced risk of contamination with snug fitting tap park and hygienic and splash-free emptying of urine drainage bags with one touch fast flow tap.