GBUK take whole group approach to medical device industry accreditation

The GBUK Group of companies, which includes GBUK Healthcare and Enteral UK, has announced that its entire field-based staff, management and directorate have been accredited under the Medical Industry Accredited (MIA) credentialing scheme.

The MIA credentialing scheme was launched in 2013 by the medical technology industry to raise training standards for company representatives and service engineers visiting acute and critical care areas of hospitals.

Through granting access only to MIA-accredited personnel, hospital staff can be certain that external visitors they admit to sensitive areas are properly trained and fully aware of their responsibilities.

Marcus Ineson, GBUK Group Marketing Director, said: “We take the privilege of being allowed to operate in NHS settings where patients are receiving care very seriously.

“We have always ensured that every member of personnel is fully trained and aware of their responsibilities so when the MIA scheme was launched we recognised that this is an excellent way of ensuring we can demonstrate our approach to working in healthcare settings.

“Because at times our senior management team and service engineers go into care settings we took the decision that the entire team should be accredited.”

The scheme is sponsored by the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) with the support of leading trade associations and clinical organisations, and is administered by Wellards at low cost to industry and no cost to the NHS.

To qualify for an MIA photo-ID card, field-based company personnel must successfully complete a recognised training course and pass a series of time limited exams. The training must be refreshed every two years and hospital staff can check validity of an ID on the MIA website.