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Every day in the UK thousands of patients in hospital and in their own homes benefit from our products

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Introducing pHX0-6

Introducing pHX2-9

Innovative pH Strip Reader

G7 Pack

Colostrum Gold Kit

Oral Bottle Adaptor

Mini Balloon Button E5

Mini Balloon Button E7

MiniONE Balloon Button SM1-5

MiniONE Balloon Button E7-M1

Enteral Connector Brush

Enteral Extension Sets

Initial Placement NG Tube Safety Pack

Nutricare Infant Clear


Button Bear

Enteral Care Kit

Catheter Tip

Oral Syringe

Enteral Demo Case

Filter Needle

Medicine Bottle Adaptor

Drainage Bag

Female Cap

Y-Port Adaptor

Syringe Cap

Enteral Medicine Straw

ENFit To Funnel Adaptor

Funnel To ENFit Adaptor

AMT Stoma Measuring Device Guidewire Compatible

Bottle Adaptor

Side Board


Dilator Kit

Initial Placement Kit


AMT Introducer

AMT stiffener guidewire compatible

AMT Stoma Measuring Device

AMT Clamp

Enteral Home Use Syringes

Enteral Single Use Syringes

MiniONE Non-Balloon Button

Balloon G Tube

Capsule Monarch® Non-Balloon G Tube

Mini Balloon Button Feed Set

Mini One Feed Set



Paediatric Micro Bridle

Adult Bridle