The AMT G-Jet is a low profile Gastro- Jejunal feeding tube which is used to help patients meet their nutritional needs by feeding directly into the small bowel whilst being able to vent the stomach at the same time.

Just like the AMT’s Mini Compact Balloon Buttons, the G-JET Button’s balloon is shaped to cover more surface area and minimise leaks at the stoma site. It seals better to reduce leaks that can lead to gastric ulceration. Gastric holes are located immediately after balloon to ensure gastric-only access.

Co-extruded radiopaque stripes provide clear radiographic identification.

Mutually-exclusive ports.Ports and feeding sets are color-coded for visual differentiation.

Available in 14Fr.

  • Fewer blockages.
  • Improved safety.
  • Increased comfort.
  • Anti-Kink technology*spring reinforcement maintains superior flow.
  • Approved for MRI device is MR conditional.
  • Greater tube integrity.
  • Fewer holes are required in jejunal section. This promotes consistent flow and pressure through the entire tube.
  • G and J molded into straps.
  • G and J safety plugs have distinctive shapes for tactile differentiation.
  • Easier nighttime connections. Jejunal port and jejunal connector glow in the dark.

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