Mini Button

MiniONE Balloon Button E7-M1

What is an E7-M1? The Pack includes: A single MiniONE Balloon Button with a 5ml syringe G-Pak 1x 12″ right angle ENFit feeding set.

  • Glow in the dark port

Understanding the difference between Mini Balloon Button & MiniONE Balloon Button

Mini Balloon Button

Mini has a white feeding port and no introducer and feed sets with white connector, the feed set codes starts with 6.

MiniONE Balloon Button

MiniONE glows green and comes with an introducer, the feed sets either comes in glow green or beige and codes begin with 8.

AMT Clamp

AMT Introducer

AMT stiffener guidewire compatible

AMT Stoma Measuring Device

AMT Stoma Measuring Device Guidewire Compatible

Mini One Feed Set