Paediatric Micro Bridle

Micro Bridle NG/NJ retaining system for paediatric patient.
Long term NG/NJ feeding can be very difficult and time consuming for parents and healthcare professionals.
Repeated tube removal leads to:
  • Sub optimal nutrition.
  • Negative impact on growth and healing.
  • Patient discomfort and anxiety associated with tube re-insertion.
  • Increased need for X-ray or anaesthetic.
  • Potential need for parenteral nutrition.

“The AMT Bridle™ is a useful tool in paediatric enteral nutrition and we would recommend it to other centres” The Great North Children’s Hospital”.

  • Minimises stress for patients and carers.
  • By reducing the need for repeated NG placements.
  • Maintains placement of critical tubes.
  • Reduces parent and carer anxiety during feeding.
  • Minimises risk of skin damage caused by adhesive tapes.