Short-term nasogastric tube improvement brings big safety benefit

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference, and the change being made to our CareFeed-SAF range of short-term nasogastric tubes is a perfect example of this.

The administration of enteral feed and medication through misplaced nasogastric tubes is termed a “Never Event” in the NHS,  … but they do still occur.

To support healthcare professionals in minimising this risk GBUK Enteral, in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group (YQSRG), has developed an award winning NG Safety pack

An important component of this pack is the “Record of Insertion” for nasogastric tubes that supports healthcare professionals in following the correct procedures and checks when establishing that a nasogastric tube has been inserted correctly – in the stomach.

ng insertion record

This record card is already included in the pack for our long-term nasogastric tube “Nutricare-SAF”, which was launched at the end of 2013

The inclusion of the record card has now been extended to both products in our CareFeed-SAF range, i.e. CareFeed Infant Feeding and CareFeed Feed & Drain.

Confirming correct nasogastric tube placement not only reduces the risk of harm to patients from the misadministration of enteral feed and medications, but it also reduces the cost of repeated X-rays that may be used to confirm placement.